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The Fresh Faces Project  is a nonprofit initiative that was started in 2014 by our Founder,  Calynn M. Lawrence.    Its mission is to unify and promote the underrepresented and the underprivileged in the creative and entrepreneurial industries.  To date, it has benefited 700+ small businesses and talents across the country, and even internationally , by providing both free and discounted services in marketing, PR, networking and creative.  Some benefits of being a part of the Fresh Faces Project include receiving free press opportunities to  be published on our websites  or  be a cast member of our show,   "Chicago Talent" , as well as networking opportunities at our  FREE events  and having the opportunity to be nominated for one of our annual Fresh Faces Project Innovators Awards. This initiative is self-funded by her earnings in her career in Marketing Management and freelance opportunities.  At least 10% of all proceeds from Calynn Communications & Creati

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