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Calynn M. Lawrence, Miss World America Nation 2020  is the CEO of the  Calynn Communications & Creative corporation  (est 2020) that owns  Chicago Talent TV  (est 2018) and  The Fresh Faces Project  (est 2014). She is a 25-year-old, seventeen-time award-winning entrepreneur in the Marketing Management and Editorial industries with heavy ties to the fashion, arts, and entertainment sector! She also is a college graduate with a degree in Business and Art ( Daley ), and certificate programs in Leadership + Persuasive Communications - Public Speaking and Writing + Entrepreneurship - Focused In Emerging Economies ( Harvard Business School Online ), Marketing Management + Business Accounting ( Daley ) and Social Media Consulting + Fashion Business ( IAP College ). AS SEEN IN She got her start at 15 years old when she started a fashion blog and began a Retail Business/Fashion internship at the downtown Chicago Nordstrom Mall in 2011, where she stayed for 3 years until 2014. They


Image Credit The Fresh Faces Project is ALWAYS happy to collaborate with businesses, individuals and organizations who are making an impact on the world! We offer a variety of collaboration methods as described below. Become A Sponsor  As an entirely self-funded operation, we deeply appreciate when others can contribute financially to our cause. When you become a sponsor, we show you the upmost praise on our platform as well as give you great service in return! To become a "sponsor," please reach out to our parent company, the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation , at  SUBJECT "FFP Sponsorship" with the amount you are looking to give and we can come up with a package of services to fit the amount you are contributing! Sponsorship packages usually begin at $100, but we are flexible. Become An Ally We love building partnerships with those who truly support our mission! Companies or organizations that wish to


Image Credit Are you a small business or aspiring talent that needs a little help in the networking and promotions department? You're in the right place! We offer underprivileged and underrepresented entrepreneurs and creatives a variety of opportunities to receive both free and discounted services from us to help market their hustle and get them noticed!  We can offer you a free article to be published about you and your business to The Fresh Faces Project website under our "News" section! We will also share this article and give you a free shoutout to both our Facebook page and our Instagram page!  If you are local to the Chicagoland area (within a 90-minute drive of Chicago) or are a Chicagoland native, we can offer you the chance to be a part of the cast on our show, "Chicago Talent!" The first two seasons gained over 80,000 views online, received rave reviews in the press and got a solid 5-star rating from our audience! If interested, e


The Fresh Faces Project  is a nonprofit initiative that was started in 2014 by our Founder,  Calynn M. Lawrence.    Its mission is to unify and promote the underrepresented and the underprivileged in the creative and entrepreneurial industries.  To date, it has benefited 500+ small businesses and talents across the country, and even internationally , by providing both free and discounted services in marketing, PR, networking and creative.  Some benefits of being a part of the Fresh Faces Project include receiving free press opportunities to  be published on our websites  or  be a cast member of our show,   "Chicago Talent" , as well as networking opportunities at our  FREE events  and having the opportunity to be nominated for one of our annual Fresh Faces Project Innovators Awards. This initiative is self-funded by her earnings in her career in Marketing Management and freelance opportunities.  At least 10% of all proceeds from Calynn Communications & Creati