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ARTISTS OF ALTRUISM - The Royal Ambassadors of The Fresh Faces Project

Would You Like To Be An Ambassador For A Movement Called “A Legion Of Potential Legends” In The Media That Has Been Spotlighted In Over 50 News Outlets And Just Made History As One Of The Largest Pro Bono Marketing Agencies In The World? The Fresh Faces Project has FINALLY launched a new ambassador program called “Artists of Altruism” ! This program will crown and sash hand-selected women of excellence from all different backgrounds on a yearly basis at our annual Fresh Faces Project Awards ceremony! This is not a pageant competition, but a glamorized ambassador program for creatives, performers and artists with “pageant-like” elements such as: every chosen ambassador will get to do an evening gown walk in front of the cheering crowd at the awards ceremony along with receiving a crown and sash, the obligation to crown and sash your successor at the following year’s awards ceremony, as well as being given a specific ambassador title for their entire year of service and having plenty of

Leanne AKA 6STALIGHT, Musician and Former Miss Legacy International

Dominica born, Houston raised, USVI groomed and California living free-spirited model, yoga instructor and pageant coach Leanne Lutterness (neĆ© Leanne Morancie) has found her voice as a singer in 2020 and launched her new alter ego 6STALIGHT in December with the release of her first single “Wispy Day (Trance)” a song she hopes will usher in light and outshine the darkness of 2020.  “As a collective we have experienced a dark night of the soul and out of the darkness of 2020, there has come divine light,” she says, excited and hopeful for what 2021 holds. She explains further, “With the December 21st 2020 Solstice we welcomed the new earth which initiates the Age of Aquarius; the beginning of a new 2000 year cycle and a sign for positive transformative changes to come.” She has already gone through several changes this year, one of which was the channeling of her passion for music into artistic expression starting with her name change.  “I received my soul name which I channeled from th

Queen Kleo, Child Pageant Queen And Model

  "I am Queen Kleopatra Vargas, I am 5years old. I am Afro Latina, American. Born in Chicago Illinois. I won my second title Miss Toddler USA America Nation 2021. My hobbies are Dancing, Singing. painting, playing sports, reading, shopping, making new friends, and spending time with family. My Platform Feeding the underprivileged people through missionary works. I have been recognized academically for my intellect and excellence in my schoolwork. I am also lead in my sports team in my school. Background: I am from a Multicultural background- Mexican, Nigerian, American. I speak Igbo, Spanish, and fluent English. I am a dancer and a straight-A student in school. I won my first pageant at 10 months- Baby Illinois USA. Pageant history: My mum inspired me to do pageants, she was a former Ms. Illinois USA Universal 2016. I won my first pageant when i was only 10 months out of 20 kids. I become Baby Illinois 2016 (American Little Miss Pageant). I am currently representing as Miss Toddle