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Cherita Houston, The Alpha Woman In Christ

Our Founder, Calynn M Lawrence, had the pleasue of attending the book launch party of a beloved friend, Cherita Houston! She was thoroughly impressed with the program, as well as the overall mission of the author and women's empowerment advocate, Cherita. She will be including a detailed account of her experience on her personal blog soon when she releases the latest "Living My Best Life Tour" update. Until then, we're sharing some details about the author and her book as our latest Fresh Face. Please see the information below and check out her platform! About the book Life has many different stages, phases, and seasons. There's time for everything, a time to rejoice, a time to cry, and a time to mourn. But no matter where you may find yourself in life, you should know there's no situation or circumstance that God can't reach to pull you out and make you whole again in Him, if you believe. There's something to be learned in each encounter that's ex