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The Ms./Mrs. Corporate America Organization Rocks!

  Anissa, can you briefly tell us what inspired you to start the Ms./Mrs. Corporate America Competition and the impact it has on businesswomen? Growing up, I noticed that women in corporate leadership positions and female founders were underrepresented. Subsequent to my early childhood years, I also developed a passion for pageantry, as it helped boost my self-confidence as a young girl. I combined my passion of women’s empowerment and pageantry and created the Ms./Mrs. Corporate America Competition (MCA) under the leadership of the Ms./Mrs. Corporate America Organization. The MCA Competition empowers professional women and gives businesswomen a platform for their voices to be heard on a national stage. The competition allows little girls to see the impact that they could make in the world if they keep pursuing their dreams; and it provides hope to college students who may not have a focused career path but are determined to excel at whatever they put their minds to. I pride myself in