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Mariette Wade, Mentor and Pageant Queen

  "Mariette Wade is the 2021 American Beauties Plus Outstanding Queen! For a long time she had no idea of who she was and what her purpose in life was. She defined herself by labels and expectations placed on her by others; daughter, caregiver, wife, career woman and many other things that left her feeling unfulfilled and lacking. She knew there was so much more to her than just those labels. After embarking on a journey to find and heal herself from her past trauma, she discovered that she is not only a child of God who loves her with an everlasting love, she is an advocate, a mentor, an agent of change set on fulfilling her life’s purpose by giving others hope and helping them cultivate and walk in the light God has given them." Facebook: Mariette Wade, 2021 American Beauties Plus Outstanding Queen IG: @iam_mariettelynn

Regimia Williams, Pageant Queen, Actress and Model

Regimia Williams was born and raised in Birmingham, Al. Just like her name, she is flawed but uniquely made. Bold in nature, she is a recruiter by day providing livelihoods for people career-wise. Which is one of her passions. As of 2017, she became an influencer for curvy women around the world. "Influencer" is the perfect adjective describing this queen. She has accomplished a lot, from being on hit TV series "Star" on FOX to "GreenLeaf" on the OWN network.  She has modeled for a number of designers and brands from the Southeast region to the West Coast region. She is also a 2-time title holder, Ms. Atlanta Fashion Week 2018 Plus Division and Ms. Full-Figured Alabama Plus 2020. Regimia is also a Motivational Speaker. She was a part of The Faith Over Fear Tour, where she motivated men and women from Alabama up to Baltimore, Maryland. In her current endeavor as Ms. Full-Figured Al Plus 2020, she utilizes this platform for Mental Health Awareness and Justic

Ashley Letitia Edwards-Davis, Attorney and Pageant Queen

  Ashley Letitia Edwards-Davis, Esq. is a wife (to her husband, Byron Davis), a daughter, a lawyer, and a believer in the Almighty.  She is native to a small town called Lisman, Alabama.  In 2012, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Miles College and a Juris Doctor from North Carolina Central University School of Law.  She was admitted into the North Carolina Bar in May 2017.  Currently, she works in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion profession. One thing for certain, Ashley was blessed with a servant’s heart.  For her, pageantry has provided a platform and outlet to pour out and into others.  She endeavors to share that same spirit through her platform, The Think Beyond Project.  The mission of this project is to help people break barriers just one thought at a time.  She helps to break barriers in the form of networking, goal setting, goal execution and, most importantly, encouragement.  Her purpose in life is to help connect people to their dreams and succes