Artist Spotlight: Kiara Bullocks

What do you do?

My name is Kiara Bullocks and I am a makeup artist, beauty influencer as well as YouTuber under the name of Kingdom KiBeats. Kingdom Kibeats is an organization that supports people of all shades, ethnicity, enhancing the beauty that they already have from the outside as well as the inside."

What is your mission?

My mission under Kingdom Kibeats is not only to have a positive influence through the art of makeup but to also help the identity of others and those who may not know who they are. As a makeup artist\beauty influencer it’s important for me to help people understand that they are beautiful from the inside first. 

How did you get here?

My passion for the beauty industry has always been there but started growing more and more when I went to college. Always experimenting and creating different looks in my dorm room as well as practicing on others. I attended Robert Morris University where I received my bachelor's degree in Business Management. After college I had many cooperate jobs and through those times I’ve faced some challenges that actually helped me be the person I am today. I’ve learned a lot in the corporate world and it has also helped me to be the business owner I shouldn’t be and the business owner I should be. In every situation, I was put in, in these environments, whether if it was good or bad, I took a mental note of everything because I knew that I wouldn’t be there long. I knew that there was something greater for me to do and I still believe that. A fun fact about me is I use to be apart of a choir named the Soul Children of Chicago founded by Walt Whitman. In this choir, I got the opportunity to sing in front of many different audiences from Italy, Barcelona, Switzerland, Sweden, the White House and many others. This group has had a major impact on who I am today and has cultivated my thinking for going outside the box! This is something I still stand on, being creative and allowing my creativity to spread amongst others. 

What is your biggest goal?
My biggest goal is to give back through my gifts and talents and create a safe space for my generation. It’s not only just about the makeup and beauty industry for me, it’s about touching the hearts of people creating environments for prosperity, restoration and identity.



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