Body Positivity Activist and Pageant Queen: Elinore


Elinore Deneè Pheasant is a 24-year-old, plus-size, body-positivity advocate and charity worker, who strives to inspire other curvy women to love their bodies no matter the shape or size. Elinore believes everybody is beautiful and every woman should love the skin she is in.

Elinore has struggled with body image and self-confidence for most of her child-hood/ teenage years, admitting she became very negative and self-conscious hiding under baggy clothing and skipping meals.

In her late teens, she was diagnosed with PCOS a condition that can cause infertility and difficulties conceiving but also causes weight issues along with many other side effects.

Elinore began to accept her body the way it was and pushed herself to dress up, hide less and start loving herself again.

Beauty Pageants have helped her blossom, she is currently UK’s National Miss Nottinghamshire 2021 and will be competing in the final in March of 2021. Elinore has even been sponsored by one of her favorite clothing brands Kukubird a UK clothing retailer.

 pageants have helped her love her body, given her a community of lovely women of all different backgrounds provided a platform to promote body-acceptance, plus size figures and shine light on the many small charitable organizations she is a part of in her community. 

She believes giving back is key to self-love and seeing other smile and helping people in need truly brings a sense of happiness. 


  1. Beautiful lady! Well done Elinore for being such an inspiration to all of us and our daughters!

    1. Thankyou so much your support means a lot to me

  2. Such an inspiration to all, love your positive attitude and love your kukubird posts ☺️


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