Curve Model and Special Needs Volunteer: Sandra Greene



My name is Sandra Greene. I am curvy at the age of 34.  I just began this journey but have always had it in my heart from a young age.  I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and a wife of 12 years.  At times my life can be chaotic.

I work and encourage special needs children from all aspects of the autism spectrum.  I am a mother's helper to a foster family and this has brought me great joy making my heart full.

I attend liberty university online pursuing my BA in special education. I plan to take this and create a program that will help and encourage families, parents, caregivers with more information on how to live life when life is more complex.  Teaching them about resources, guidance on behaviors but most importantly communicating with their children. Most times the behaviors of children on the spectrum come from not understanding how to communicate.

My goal is to my carvings to life.  Bringing awareness to curvy models. No matter shape, size, height, or abilities.  Models bring me confidence and the need to love myself more by taking care of myself.  Modeling is my passion for lights and cameras. It an adrenaline rush that I love.  Going on stage and showing off the items I'm wearing working the stage. I love it all. 


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