Epilepsy Awareness Advocate and Pageant Queen: Kendrea


Kendrea McVadon is a 43-year-old wife and mother of two adult children. She was born in Nashville Tennessee, and raised in the beautiful town of Smyrna. Growing up in her small town, she was a good student, show choir member, and cheerleader, as well as holding several leadership positions in various school clubs. After graduating, she cheered for one year for a semi-pro soccer team. Showing an interest in pageantry, she entered a local pageant but put her pageant journey on hold to get married and start a family. When her daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy at age 5, Kendrea started her campaign to bring awareness to the public about this disorder. In addition to educating others about Epilepsy, Kendrea also advocates for Youth Empowerment,  believing that the youth are our future and their voices should be heard. 

    At age 40, Kendrea decided to fulfill her dream and return to pageantry. In the three short years that she has been competing, Kendrea has won numerous photo contests, as well as local and international titles. Currently Kendrea is the reigning Noble Mrs Nation Nationals 2021, Empyreal Noble International 2021, and Vision Pageants Mrs 2020.  She hopes to continue spreading knowledge and be a role model.





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