Pageant Princess and Anti-Bullying Advocate: Britney


Britney is a 15-year-old, autistic, pageant queen.  She began pageants at age 7 after being bullied to the point of being suicidal.  She left public schooling and went virtual, and she left her activities and went into the pageant world.  Today, she is 15 years old and still going strong in the pageant world.  She has come a long way, gained new perspective, and has chosen a path that not only defines who she is but also helps others see that despite their differences, they can do and be anything they set their mind to.

She has been doing pageants for 8 years now, and has made many appearances, met many new people including celebrities, helped others, volunteered, and so much more.  She has even began putting into place a permanent platform that she is working hard to get up and running to start opening it to kids across the US.  It’s called Youth 4 Tomorrow.  She wants to help more youth be more involved in their communities, spreading awareness, and making a difference.  She wants to show them that together we can change the world and make it better for all.  Her goal with this is to get ambassadors in all 50 states and to open a whole new world of opportunity to them.  After all, we need more love and acceptance in this world, and while one person can make a difference, it takes a team to work together to truly make an impact!


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