Pageant Queen and Artist: Pamela Haskel


Pamela was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana. She. has a Bachelor's Arts degree in Liberal Arts with concentrations in Communications, Music, and History. Pamela is bilingual she speaks French and English and she taught 1st grade to 12th grade French in the public school systems and she taught music and drama too. On the other hand, 4 years ago Pamela sang at Carnegie Hall in New York City in May 2016. She is a trained opera singer who loves singing opera, classical, and gospel music. In addition, she has performed for school and church concerts as well as other prestigious opera houses.

Nevertheless, Pamela is very renowned in the world of pageantry and modeling, she holds state, local, national and international pageant titles. She also has experience as a fashion runway model, fashion show coordinator, print commercial editorial modeling. She taught and trained young elementary school girls, boys, and teens how to model and walk with confidence.

On the contrary, Pamela is a published author she has written four e-books that were published by Univerzv Publishing Firm on Amazon  Pamela also has experience as a makeup beauty consultant, wardrobe consulting, pageant coach.  

Currently, she is advocating her platform "Diversity and Inclusiveness" through educating people about the uniqueness of being different and she embraces unity and harmony by fellowshipping with churches of different ethnicities, beliefs because she believes people should be inclusive regardless of differences in agenda, choice of apparel, style.

Recently she won the Nation National Dutchess 2021 title and she spends her time volunteering for French Literacy Reading Programs for children as well as facilitator For Dress for Success Michiana helping women who are in a career transition to feel confident in their self-worth and a career that suits their individuality.

Pamela will also continue to make various appearances nationally while sharing her platform and her elegance and grace is shown in her poise and she is impeccable in her composure, movement, and etiquette mannerisms.

Therefore, if you are interested in following Pamela Marie Haskel, she is available on the following social media networks:


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