Teen Women Empowerment Activist: Destiny Lynne


Destiny is an outgoing 14 almost 15 year old.  She is a twin who is outgoing and full of personality who loves giving back to her community. She works hard for her goals and always has her eyes set on the future.  Destiny recently entered the pageant world and is loving every minute of it.  

Short term goals are to continue working on her pageant skills and bring home supreme awards.  She will be attending the state pageant next year where she hopes to bring home a title. Long term goals include going to school for veterinary science to become a traveling vet as well as modeling where she can.  Destiny wants to speak out against violence against women including sexual physical and emotional violence and be an overall role model that girls can look up to.  Destiny has experienced hardships in life that she wants to bring awareness to and let others know that you can overcome it and become someone who walks with confidence and their head held high. 

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