Leanne AKA 6STALIGHT, Musician and Former Miss Legacy International

Dominica born, Houston raised, USVI groomed and California living free-spirited model, yoga instructor and pageant coach Leanne Lutterness (neé Leanne Morancie) has found her voice as a singer in 2020 and launched her new alter ego 6STALIGHT in December with the release of her first single “Wispy Day (Trance)” a song she hopes will usher in light and outshine the darkness of 2020.

 “As a collective we have experienced a dark night of the soul and out of the darkness of 2020, there has come divine light,” she says, excited and hopeful for what 2021 holds.

She explains further, “With the December 21st 2020 Solstice we welcomed the new earth which initiates the Age of Aquarius; the beginning of a new 2000 year cycle and a sign for positive transformative changes to come.”

She has already gone through several changes this year, one of which was the channeling of her passion for music into artistic expression starting with her name change. 

“I received my soul name which I channeled from the divine mother and want to use this platform to transcend listeners into multidimensional experience through healing sounds.”

She describes the song “Wispy Day (Trance)” as a God and Goddess Ascension meditation frequency channeled from the divine mother in her own light language.  She received the gift of speaking in tongues at age 13 and channels this language with Sanskrit chants in her unique frequencies to produce this light music- “divine sounds that heal.” 

Before her revelation as 6STALIGHT, Leanne was already engrossed in holistic living and teaching and used her time throughout 2020 to share her experience and knowledge. The Miss Legacy International 2017 winner, pageant coach, model, yoga instructor, certified crystal practitioner and entrepreneur has created and facilitated workshops to share her knowledge and skills on poise, etiquette and pageantry as well as yoga and tantric love. 

She is now exploring her own paths in media with the launch of her podcast The Lutter’s Circle Podcast, spreading love and good vibes in authentic solution-based conversations. The podcast is on Apple, Spotify, Audiomack and the Digicel Go Loud app.  

Her new song is also on most major digital platforms.  As her song says, “it’s a wispy day come out to play, skies don’t have to be grey always.”

“I want to encourage everyone who hears the song to return to it whenever they are feeling overwhelmed. May these divine sounds from my heart space offer healing to your heart chakra, inspire intuitive dance and all things beautiful.  All is one from this time.”

Visit www.6stalight.com for more musical bliss!  



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