Queen Kleo, Child Pageant Queen And Model


"I am Queen Kleopatra Vargas, I am 5years old. I am Afro Latina, American. Born in Chicago Illinois. I won my second title Miss Toddler USA America Nation 2021.

My hobbies are Dancing, Singing. painting, playing sports, reading, shopping, making new friends, and spending time with family. My

Platform Feeding the underprivileged people through missionary works.

I have been recognized academically for my intellect and excellence in my schoolwork. I am also lead in my sports team in my school.


I am from a Multicultural background- Mexican, Nigerian, American. I speak Igbo, Spanish, and fluent English. I am a dancer and a straight-A student in school. I won my first pageant at 10 months- Baby Illinois USA.

Pageant history:

My mum inspired me to do pageants, she was a former Ms. Illinois USA Universal 2016.

I won my first pageant when i was only 10 months out of 20 kids.

I become Baby Illinois 2016 (American Little Miss Pageant).

I am currently representing as Miss Toddler USA America Nation 2021 and have been involved in Toy Giver With Miss America Nation, America Kid Multicultural fashion show 2018-2020, Chicago Kids Halloween Fashion Show 2018/19.

Alekora brand ambassador, multiple brand ambassadors here in USA.

Charity I have done:

2020- handing out free food items, handing out feed masks to underprivileged communities, Christmas Toy Giveaway with Miss America Nation team, Volunteered with Family 1st Cl Foundation to hand out free foods and groceries. I also annually go to lower Wacker drive and southside Chicago to hand hygiene item to homeless people.

About Miss & Mrs. America Nation Pageant system:

It is an organization that represents beauty with inspiration. uniting a diverse nation by helping women /girls to discover their platform. We have women age 5 years to 70 years both married, single and divorced in our organization. We are globally recognized and have been recognized by US Congress, political leaders and continue to make an impact in the world. There is no room for discrimination.

My achievements:

Top athlete at my school basketball team. Best Math’s Student and Shining Star in St Thomas School many times in a roll."



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