Gary E. Moore, Author & Activist


"My name is Gary E. Moore. I am a poet, an author and, most importantly, a Dad.

My most recent work, Songs For The Cleveland Avenue Warriors: poems from the past, present and future, was just published and is available for purchase from, an independent, woman-owned press.

I also recently published and released What Daddy Do! and What Mommy Do! the first books in the forthcoming What We Do! The Children's Book Series.

Songs For The Cleveland Avenue Warriors is an in-depth retrospective of the beauty inherent in the most unlikely of places, and how hope takes root and grows there, in spite of outside expectations, while the What We Do! The Children's Book Series, geared towards kids in grades K-2, is meant to highlight and celebrate the strength of familial bonds, presented through joyfully diverse imagery.

Each of these works represent a passion of mine, the exploration of the world around me through the written word, and the people and places that inspired and influenced me; people and places that aren't normally celebrated or associated with such beauty and art by society at large.

Songs For The Cleveland Avenue Warriors is most readily available for purchase from or any major online retailer, such as Amazon, while What Daddy Do! and What Mommy Do!, from the What We Do! The Children's Book Series, is available at or on Amazon.

Group discount rates are available for What We Do! The Children's Book Series."

Please inquire at


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