2021 Fresh Faces Project Awards Ceremony!

We are honored to share this video from the 2021 Fresh Faces Project Annual Awards ceremony! This event was funded by our parent company Calynn Communications & Creative Inc. and has been able to maintain a completely pro bono stance since our first ceremony in 2017 with no ticket sales, nomination fees or entry fees. This video only captures a small depiction of how amazing that momentous evening was and we thank everyone who came out to show support ❤ 

We had over 50 honorees in attendance and could not be happier with the pheneomenal creatives, entrepreneurs and humanitarians that we bestowed awards to. It is because of people like them that the world sees progress. We also had the official coronation of our 2021 Royal Ambassadors - Artists of Altruism who we will be promoting heavily throughout the year because these queens chose to represent our initiative for a year of service! This was also the first year we introduced Lifetime Honoree awards for those who have gone above and beyond with supporting our cause over the years!

The original upload of this video has over 35,000 views on Facebook and has been covered on the front pages of The Washington Mail, New York Today, and featured in several ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX stations along with almost 400 other news outlets! We thank you so much for your support of our cause!

An immense amount of gratitude goes towards the following people who made this event happen:

Decor & Catering - Damuchi Does It & Leretha Thomas

Beverages & Drinks - Toriano Lawrence

Lead Photographer - Atoc Guthrie Bonnétt

Lead Videographer - Shay James aka Styled poetic

Second Photographer - Cami Lawrence

Set Up & Break Down - Our Beloved Volunteers

Supplementary Footage - Our Beloved Honorees

Our Parent Company: www.caycomcreate.com


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