Aspiring Model, Christine Flood


Christine Flood is an aspiring model from Winfield, Illinois. She has two young children who she loves more than anything. She has wanted to model her whole life! She has always been friendly, outgoing, and fun. She loves being different and is constantly changing her appearance. She has this amazing ability to go from serious to fun in a second! She can pull off any look from professional to lazy! She loves to do arts and crafts and enjoys acting very much! She is currently in school, and she took some classes at the Chicago Actors Studio. She realized although she loves acting, that modeling would be more enjoyable for her.

She loves helping others and is always making sure other people see that they are beautiful! She has built up a strong social media following in just under six months! Modeling has always been her dream career, and when she was just two years old, she was posing for the camera in her living room! She does her best every single day to help people build their confidence and show people its possible to love themselves no matter what! Her main goal is to show her children that they can do whatever they want in life!


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