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Exclusive Interview with Nollywood Star and Businesswoman, Dr. Krystal Okeke’Chanchangi


 1.What are some major achievements or accolades that you've accumulated?

Establishing all my brands: Kids Multicultural World LLC, America Nation Multicultural World inc. , Africa Multicultural World Foundation and Miss & Mr. America Nation pageant.

Being alive and being able to govern and influence global cultural movements -by establishing and leading America Kids Multicultural World organization on a yearly basis with 571 + kids per year is a big achievement for her. 

Continuously empowering & assisting multiple Underprivileged societies both in USA and Africa through my nonprofit organizations America Nation Multicultural World inc. and Africa Multicultural World. 

A few of many awards I have received both internationally and within the United States are as follows:  

• 2022 Outstanding Cultural Ambassador of the Year  


•Ambassador of Nigerian Youths in Diaspora by Youth Coalition of Nigeria 2020 to presently.

• World Class Beauty Queen Award & Cover Girl 2022 

•Doctor in Philanthropy and humanitarianism Change maker 2021 


2. How do you use your platform as an influencer to spread "What's Good" to the world and who have you impacted? 

My love for the next generation (kids) and their empowerment, global cultures empowerment and philanthropy work is how I impact others. Having different organizations that focus on Global Culture empowerment and a Kids Multicultural World Magazine that produces on a monthly basis has continued to showcase and educate families.

The Kids Multicultural World Org also coordinates various inclusive fashion shows through which brings in so many cultures across the USA together. The event is a family affair with a mantra of uniting a diverse nation. The event showcases various talented kids, and this has boosted their self-esteem. Additionally, my second organization, which is a pageant called Miss & Mr America Nation, gives ambassador's platforms and a mentor that they work with per year. These platforms can range from community service: volunteering in homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, elderly empowerment, anti bullying movements or feeding the hungry programs. They work individually and collectively on platforms depending on their interest. 

With the help of my nonprofit organization - America Nation Multicultural World inc and Africa Multicultural World, all ambassadors are given the opportunity to get donations and sponsorship for the programs we coordinate across the USA. 

In 2022, Miss & Mr America Nation had 45 ambassadors in total and half of those individuals were able to build on their leadership skills and impact their communities with the help of America Nation Multicultural World inc. 

3.What are some projects that you are currently working on or promoting? 

Events that I and & my team are working on include: 

Chicago Kids Multicultural Fashion Festival June 24 , 2023 (Tinley Park Convention Center ).

Las Vegas Kids Multicultural Fashion festival (October 31, 2023)

Texas Kids Multicultural Fashion Festival ( May 2023)

Kids Multicultural World Magazine which is produced on a monthly basis focusing on empowering the next generation, it displays Modeling , Fashion , Cultural and ending bullying empowerment articles and activism news and activities.

 Fundraiser for the underprivileged communities (Feed the hungry outreach by America Nation Multicultural World inc). 

12 courses focused on kids empowerment held twice a month for 12 months.

Kids Multicultural World Fashion Festival is an event that promotes Multiculturalism, Global peace & Unity through Culture, Display of Art,  and leadership empowerment. This event unites people from different global cultures through workshops , sharing  business ideas and global activism. This festival provides educational sessions where people experience and see the diverse traditional heritages of global cultures. During the event there will be displays of cultural runway, global presentations by world leaders, good intercontinental music and performers.


4. Who do you have to credit for your success? 

My mom, Lady Florence Okeke is the reason I am who I am today . The love, guidance and hopes Lady Florence has given me this far has made me the gentle warrior , fierce and impactful leader and good follower I am today. 

5.What is your goal in your career/life? 

 To be honest, I’m not sure yet what the ultimate goal may be with my career. I’m simply living each day with so much love, wisdom and empowerment to share with the world. My ultimate goal in life is raising my daughter Kleopatra Vargas to be a greater and better impactful leader than me and building a legacy of Excellence. 

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This article was originally published to What's Good Weekly 


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