The 2023 Scholars In the Making Supplement Fund


In honor of our Founder, Calynn, finishing her Bachelors of Science in Liberal Arts and Social Science with Honors Society distinction and continuing on to graduate school, we here at The Fresh Faces Project are looking to make a contribution towards the academic success of adults and youths who are currently in school full-time! We will be giving away CASH STIPENDS to individuals and families who are selected this summer to be recipients!

What They'll Win:

A Small Stipend Towards Their Schooling Expenses to be given during August 2023 ($50 for an adult individual, $100 for families with minor children in school)

A 2023 Fresh Faces Project "Scholars In The Making" Award Certificate

A Spotlight Article On Our Website And Social Media Telling Their Story

Who We're Looking For (Requirements):

You or your child(ren) must be in school full time (pre K - undergraduate college) and be able to provide proof of enrollment

You or your child(ren) must be a member of at least one marginalized group (i.e racial minority, woman, LBTQIA, a person with a recognized, diagnosed disability)

You or your child(ren) must fit our income restrictions ($40,000 for an adult individual or $80,000 for families with minor children)

DISCLAIMER: We will be doing cash giveaways in the designated increments above per recipients up to $2,000 total in funding for this initiative. Only the strongest applicants who best fit the criteria will be selected for this opportunity. If no applicants fit the criteria, there will be no recipients. Filling out the form does not guarantee you will be selected as a recipient. If you are chosen, you will be notified via email by August 13.

APPLY BELOW (Deadline July 29th, 8AM CST)


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