2023 Cash Donations: Organizations Owned by and/or Benefiting Marginalized Groups

2023 was a year of many wins, losses and changes for a lot of small businesses and organizations including ours. We navigated some difficult challenges, namely the shift in our initiative's structure and service offerings, finalizing the strategic plan for how we will move forward in the coming year to expand our impact while minimizing the burden on our very small team.

In this evolution, we had the honor of supporting various individuals, brands and causes that we stand by through modest financial donations funded by our parent company, the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation. Most of them are growing nonprofits or start up entrepreneurs, with some of them being established charities that we know do fantastic work in the community! Thanks to your support, we were able to contribute to a plethora of great service providers and creators.

Check out our list of 2023 cash donations and click each logo to learn more about them and how you can support. 

*This does not include in-kind donations to other businesses or organizations, donations to families or individuals for non-business/personal causes and fundraisers, or the large service discounts that we offer aspiring artists, entrepreneurs or talents. 



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