The Ms. International World Organization Is On Fire!


Are you an elegant, ambitious and all-around amazing woman looking for your next opportunity to let your light shine? Do you know how to kill it on the catwalk, move masses with your public speaking and touch hearts with your humanitarianism and community service? If so, look no further!

Multi-award-winning performer/CEO, Angela Posillico and the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line presents the 2021 Ms International World & Ms. Latina International pageant competition! Critically acclaimed as the “Best International USA Pageant” by Lux Life, and praised in several major media outlets such as CBS, FOX, NBC, Digital Journal, Model On A Mission Magazine AND MORE, they are famous for having one of the best global pageant organizations! Their queens represent top-notch achievement, beauty, poise and personality! That’s why holding a title with this organization has helped so many creatives, entrepreneurs, models and performers sky rocket their careers booking large speaking gigs and appearances, gracing the covers of magazines and gaining more clients for their businesses!

Possession of one of their coveted crowns has been a key to many queen’s success! They offer not just a competition, but a way of life for their representatives. They EMPOWER their participants through providing opportunities in modeling, media, entertainment, philanthropy and business!

The glamorous prize package for this year’s winners includes An opportunity to be selected as one of the five models that will be in the running for Elite Supermodel of the Year, through Supermodels Unlimited Magazine, be featured on the cover of Platform and InterModelo Magazines, strut the runway at the esteemed 2024 New York Fashion Week and more!

Come join this special sisterhood today and gain access to a network of stellar women of all backgrounds, and best of all be mentored by a hands-on CEO whose resume includes graduating from one of the top arts universities in the world, Juilliard, a roster of 5-star performances among society’s elite leaders and celebrities and being named in the Top 100 Successful Women in Business GLOBALLY! She ensures the women are treated like family with respect, dignity and grace no matter their title! And, they provide opportunities for all queens, even long after a reign is over!

So, what are you waiting for Wonder Women? Visit their website AND APPLY TODAY for the experience of a lifetime! Your journey to stardom STARTS NOW!


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