Would You Like To Be An Ambassador For A Movement Called “A Legion Of Potential Legends” In The Media That Has Been Spotlighted In Over 50 News Outlets And Just Made History As One Of The Largest Pro Bono Marketing Agencies In The World? Our Annual FREE Awards Ceremony In Tinley Park, IL Is October 16th And We're Seeking Royal Ambassadors of ALL AGES and BACKGROUNDS!

The Fresh Faces Project has FINALLY launched a new ambassador program called “Artists of Altruism”! This program will crown and sash hand-selected women of excellence from all different backgrounds on a yearly basis at our annual Fresh Faces Project Awards ceremony! This is not a pageant competition, but a glamorized ambassador program for creatives, performers and artists with “pageant-like” elements such as: every chosen ambassador will get to do an evening gown walk in front of the cheering crowd at the awards ceremony along with receiving a crown and sash, the obligation to crown and sash your successor at the following year’s awards ceremony, as well as being given a specific ambassador title for their entire year of service and having plenty of support from our organization with regular check-ins and monthly VIRTUAL team empowerment meetings!

To Apply, PLEASE Email Our Founder, SUBJECT "Ambassador" at missworldan2020@gmail.com with a biography, photos, social media links, and a summary of your passions, talents and causes you support!


What makes our program different from other “pageants” and ambassador programs?

Our program has no entry fees or monetary obligations from those who choose to apply or those who are accepted! While there is a People’s Choice competition open to all who are accepted where they will compete by selling promo packages to win the prestigious People’s Choice award and prize bundle, the participants do not have to commit to any amount of sales or money to be in the ambassador program once selected!

We also pride ourselves on not taking traditional “pageant criteria” into account when selecting our ambassadors. Things like standardized beauty, physical fitness or how well you walk a runway are not factors at all in our selection!

Pageant experience is NOT required but definitely can give you an edge in your application!


So what is the criteria for selection? What factors are taken into consideration when selecting the ambassadors?
Community Service Portfolio - 
Your community service portfolio chronicling your community service activity dating back as far as you’d like, but especially highlighting recent work (within the last 5 years), will be THE MAIN factor in swaying your application score. Service is the most important factor of our ambassador program so think of this as your resume when applying for a job!

Social Media Presence 
Because we KNOW the power of social media for marketing, PR and raising awareness as a digital movement owned by a media firm, the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation, we place a HEAVY emphasis on social media presence in your application! The purpose of the ambassador role is to spread the word and help our movement grow, and the main way that this can be accomplished is social media. While follower count is a small percentage of this score, high engagement from your followers and regular activity on your accounts far outweighs it when scoring! You can have 3x the followers as someone else but half the engagement and activity, so we take all of that into account!

This ambassador program is only open to creatives, performers and artists as they are the central target audience of our organization and make up the majority of our beneficiaries and supporters! So, having talent/artistic ability and passion to display and promote it is a must! We are open to a variety of talents if you can really sell it in your application, but in a nutshell, these are who we are mainly looking for since they make up the vast majority of our audience:

Visual Artists (painters, graphic designers, sculptors, illustrators, photographers, videographers etc)

Musicians (singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, composers etc)

Dancers (any genre -- can also include contortionists, aerialists, gymnasts and cheerleaders who do choreography in their performance)

Actors (TV, Film, Theatre, Web Series --- does not include media personalities like radio/TV hosts or YouTubers, strictly applies to actors who have to follow a script and portray a fictional character for comedic or dramatic effect)

Creative Writers (fiction authors, poets, script writers, songwriters, play writers etc -- this does not include technical writing like marketing/sales copy or informational blogging)

Culinary Artists (creative desserts and pastries)

Cosmetologists (makeup artists, hair stylists, nail techs all okay as long as your work is creative and has unique elements from the general practitioner)

Fashion Designers
 (couture, avant garde, ready to wear, made to order all okay --- this is for actual designers who are conceptualizing the clothing AND creating it, not stylists, seamstresses or models, fashion illustrators would fall under the visual artist category)

Platform Essay
This is where you will discuss your platform, what it means to you and the impact you believe being an ambassador for our organization will have on your ability to create positive change and make a difference! We want people who feel strongly about philanthropy and this is where you will tell us what you plan to do if awarded an ambassador title! This is your opportunity to essentially tell us why we should pick YOU!

What titles are available?
We have a national and international ambassador program! National titles are awarded to people who are very active in their local/regional communities who we believe have the ability to take it to a national level! International titles are awarded to people who are already active on a national/international level who we believe have the drive, time and the resources to carry the responsibility of a global title! 

Ms. Fresh Face USA or America (national)

Ms. Fresh Face Universal or World (international)

Both titles require a minimum of 1 appearance and act of service per month (half of them can be virtual),  press/media appearances as needed based on our marketing campaigns and a quality professional photoshoot in crown and sash submitted to us (one within 60 days from crowning)!

Baby (2 - 4)
Jr. Miss (5-14)
Miss Teen (15-19)
Miss (20-29)
Ms. (30-39)
Ms. Elite (40-49)
Ms. Forever (50+)

The “Artists of Altruism” ambassador program was created after our Founder, Calynn M. Lawrence, got a taste of pageantry both working behind the scenes in marketing and production for years and serving under two titles as Miss World America Nation 2020 and Miss United States Universe Tourism 2021! She credits inspiration mainly from her many pageant queen friends and clients, working for major pageant clients of hers such as The Ms. International World Organization, The Miss Black America Organization and Miss Planetary Organization , seeing the amazing works of other ambassador programs that came before her such as The MomsCanDoIt2 charity pageant, Cisco & Cisco Productions charity pageant and her former pageant home, The Miss & Mrs. America Nation Organization!


Visit Our Parent Company’s “As Seen In” Page, Read Our "Client Reviews and Case Studies," Read Our “About Us” Page or shoot our Founder an email at missworldan2020@gmail.com !


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